Why Learn Stenotype?


Acquiring stenotype skills opens doors to several lucrative careers including court reporting, transcription, captioning and more.  If you are looking for a career with flexible hours, great income and a high demand for your skills,  consider our training program.

What is PRESTOsteno?

Our theory training program includes:

  • The PRESTO Book in binder format  – ReadMore
  • The PRESTO Book in PDF format
  • Approximately 30 hours of dictation
  • Approximately 30 hours of visual lessons
  • 38 simple academic lessons
  • Self-graded testing

What’s Involved?

Learning stenotype is a fascinating and complicated endeavor, and although PRESTO is a “progress at your own speed” program, students should plan on dedicating at least two or three hours a day for up to six months to master the concepts.  Students will need to acquire some necessary tools before beginning the program.

What Comes After?

After learning theory, students need to build their speed up to 160 or 200 words per minute depending on what profession is being pursued.  The best option for students to accomplish this is to attend a certified court reporting school.  Students will be able to skip the theory classes and proceed directly into speed building.  The school will qualify students to take state certification and licensing exams.

With the following options students will need to qualify for taking their state certification exam (if required) by first passing the NCRA RPR exam.  Different states may have other options as well.

  • Attend a reporting school that is not recognized as “certified” by your state.
  • Take an on-line speed-building course.
  • Acquire dictation material from various sources and practice to build speed.

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